You have just received a piece of permanent artwork from Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery!

Prior to you leaving the studio your artists has cleaned your wound and wrapped your tattoo in order to protect it and begin the crucial aftercare process. Your professional artist has followed all the steps required to provide you with a fabulous new tattoo and now the rest is UP TO YOU!


The tattoo AFTERCARE process is SIMPLE yet VERY important and how well you take care of it will be evident in the results of your healed tattoo.


We have the best aftercare products Dr Pickles available for purchase here at the studio and strongly encourage you to invest in quality aftercare products that we as ARTISTS and CUSTOMERS trust to take the best care of your artwork.



  1. Leave wrap on for 1-2 hours (unless your artists has recommended you leave it on overnight for large pieces)

  2. Carefully remove wrap in a clean environment.

  3. Gently wash your tattoo under warm running water with either foaming tattoo wash or antibacterial soap.

  4. Pat area dry with paper towel and allow to air dry for approximately 10 minutes.

  5. Apply a small pea sized amount of recommend Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm.

  6. Using too much tattoo balm with not make the healing process quicker it will in fact keep it too moist and slow the healing process.

  7. DO NOT re wrap your tattoo unless you are using a waterproof second skin dressing to heal or your artist has requested you do so.

  8. Keep your tattoo clean and free of plasma residue by washing a few times a day especially in the first 24hrs.

  9. If access to warm running water is difficult for you in the first 24-48 hrs you may use fragrance free, alcohol free wet wipes and they will act as a wash and are easy to have on the go.

  10. Your tattoo needs to be kept clean and free of pathogens such as dust, dirt and animal hair to reduce the risk of infection.

  11. It is normal for your tattoo to peel and scab slightly during the healing process do not be alarmed.

  12. Do not pick or scratch you new tattoo let the scabs gently lift on their own.

  13. Picking at your tattoo will DAMAGE your tattoo and will forfeit your free touch up.



It is normal to experience some localised pain and swelling of the tattooed area and immediate surrounds. You may take an anti-inflammatory medication such as Neurofen to assist with pain and swelling. Icing the area can also assist with swelling and if you choose to do so always makes sure the ice compress is covered and never applied directly to the skin, ice for no longer than 20 minutes at a time.




These areas are prone to increased swelling and have a higher risk of infection due to the high exposure to debris during the haling period. 

Exercise diligence when healing these areas, elevate lover limbs where possible to reduce excess swelling. 

Rest, Ice, Elevation and anti-inflammatory medication if required.

Under no circumstances wear enclosed footwear until your foot tattoo is completely healed. Feet sweat excessively and are full of bacteria.



Please remember that your tattoo is a FRESH OPEN WOUND. You must AVOID contact with any dirt, debris, environmental pathogens and possible contagions. If you think YOU may have exposed your tattoo to something un- savory IMMEDIATELY clean you tattoo with ANTIBACTERIAL wash and warm running water.


DO NOT SOAK in water for at least 2 weeks after your new tattoo or until peeling has finished (AVOID bath, spa, pool, ocean). Showering is fine.


NEVER EXPOSE your new tattoo to the SUN and always use a SPF 50 Sunscreen to reduce premature fading. Ask us about the specially formulated Dr Pickles SPF Sunscreen range.



On occasion tattoos may require a small touch up, a touch up can be required when a section of your tattoo has not healed exactly as it should.


These touch ups incur a $20 SUPPLY FEE ONLY your artist does not charge for their time for touch ups. Touch ups can ONLY be performed by the original artist who tattooed you and it MUST BE DONE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF COMPLETION.


If you are unsure if you need a touch-up please drop by the studio and one of our friendly staff can advise you further. A touch up does NOT INCLUDE making changes or additions to the original artwork, those changes will be charged at your nominated artists hourly rate.



Please contact us here at the studio if you have any questions or concerns so we as the professionals can properly assist you. Your friends and google are not the experts. We can be contacted out of hours via Facebook messenger service or during business hours on 9770 6006.


Health Department Registered ~ Qualified artists ~ All styles of tattooing ~ Cosmetic tattooing

 Privacy Assured ~ Family owned and managed business ~ Strictly 18+ photo ID required ~

Sanitary 100% single use disposable materials

Disposable equipment ~ Vegan Inks ~ Custom design studio ~ Male & Female artists ~

~HMAS Cerberus Preferred Providers ~


Thank you for choosing Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery as your preferred tattoo studio.

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