What is the legal age to get a tattoo?

You must be 18 years old with a valid for of ID to get a tattoo. It is against the law to tattoo a minor under 18 in the state of Victoria. Even with a signed document from your parents it is ILLEGAL and under age tattoos WILL NOT BE DONE here at Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery.


Do you use new needles?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Our studio is completely 100% disposable single use needles and grips. Everything is wrapped and covered to ensure ours and your complete safety. Our artists are also trained in Blood borne pathogens and understand the procedures involved in and participate in effectively setting up a sterile tattoo environment.


Is the studio registered?

Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery is a Health Department Registered business under the Skin Penetration Act of Victoria. A certificate of registration is displayed in reception.


Is a tattoo permanent?

Yes, a tattoo is a permanent marking on your skin and can only be removed with painful laser tattoo removal. Our recommendation is to choose both your artist and design wisely.


Can I get my new tattoo wet in the shower?

Absolutely yes it is one of the most important things to remember when getting a new tattoo, it MUST be kept clean. Your artists will offer professional advice in relation to TATTOO AFTERCARE and a brochure is available from reception. Our helpful staff are always available to help and advise further on after care should you need more assistance either by phone, Facebook message or by dropping into the studio.


Can I swim with a new tattoo?

It is not advised to SOAK your new tattoo in water so it is best to AVOID swimming activities and also soaking in a bath and spa until your tattoo is healed or approximately 2 weeks after getting the tattoo.

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