Style: Realism/Pop-Culture

Description: With a passion and eye for bringing to life characters in the form of realism or bright pop art styled tattooing.

About: Self-proclaimed nerd Kayla Rae found a love for art watching cartoons, collecting tazos and drawing characters from games, her brother and cousins would play.

In high school she found a calling for realism and enjoyed helping younger students work on their own art, becoming the first Art Captain at WPSC. Eventually from her volunteer work with art she was awarded Young Citizen of the Mornington Peninsula for 2011.

Kayla started her apprenticeship in 2015 and joined Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery in late 2017.

You can find her on Instagram under @kaylaraetattoo, hiding behind popcorn at the cinemas or patting cats and dogs on the street.

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