Kel   Tait

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Contemporary tattooing is an incredible art form and one of the most expressive in the world. Watercolor, abstract, dotwork, modern tattoo styles take the boundaries for what should be considered tattoo art and art in general and throw them out the window. Contemporary tattooing is more than just tattooing, the tattoos created are quite simply amazing works of art, good enough to hang on any gallery wall.

Kel Tait is one such tattoo artist whose work goes beyond the confinements of simply being considered tattoo art. The tattoos created by Tait are all in all beautiful pieces of art; bright, bold, vivid and vibrant the tattoos of Kel Tait are something you have to see and are something you won't soon forget. So prepare to be wowed as Tait's work is just awesome in every way possible, and here's some of the best to prove it! Though if your hungry for more checkout herInstagram!!



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