Meet Nilou!


Specialist Tattoo Styles:

Japanese Traditional Style (Irezumi), Oriental Fine Arts, Sacred Geometry, Modern Classic and Neo-Traditional 

Nilou is a female Irezumi artist;  Irezumi is a Japanese word that refers to the insertion of ink under the skin to leave a permanent, usually decorative mark; a form of tattooing.


Solid foundation in line work, shading, dot-work and intricate detailing, in addition to strong colour theory and black and grey application techniques’; suited to the clients’ skin and body profile.



Nilou is an Artist formally trained in Irezumi under her sensei D. Fink ‘Horihyo’ of Bushido in Canada.


Nilou is skilled in watercolor paintings and ink drawings and she has built an Arts education from universities in both Canada and Australia.

Nilou returned to Australia in late 2018 after 6 years of residing in Canada. Now practicing at Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery she is bringing her knowledge of Irezumi and sharing a sense of spirituality with her work to our team and clients.


When Nilou isn’t working, painting or creating she can be found reading books, practicing Yoga and playing with her cat Bruno.

To keep up to date with all recent works by Nilou please follow her on Instagram @niloudesign or click on the hotlinks below!

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