How to best prepare your skin for a tattoo:

Develop a good skin care routine for 7-10 days leading up to being tattooed this includes:

  1. Stay out of the sun so you don’t get sunburned.

  2. Regular moisturizing (2-3 times a day) and exfoliating every 2nd day.

  3. Complete removal of any fake tan.

  4. Ensure the area is free from cuts and abrasions and or skin conditions such as eczema.

  5. On the day of your tattoo you may shave the area yourself if you wish or alternatively your artist is more than happy to do it for you.


How to best prepare yourself for being tattooed:

  1. SLEEP is super important and often undervalued a good 8 hrs sleep prior is a great start.

  2. AVOID alcohol for at least 24 hrs prior to being tattooed.

  3. FOOD eating a well-balanced FULL meal prior to being tattooed will properly fuel your body and help give you stamina you need for the duration of being tattooed.

  4. HYDRATION is really important make sure you have kept yourself well hydrated leading up to your session.

  5. Bring a cushion, pillow, blanket to help you remain as comfortable as possible.

  6. Entertainment – headphones, music, movies on a smart device is very helpful to keep you distracted from the pain during tattoo sessions. FREE WIFI access (Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery only).

  7. A support person can be a great to keep you company they can be a great asset or a great hindrance choose wisely!


Food and drinks to consume while being tattooed:

  1. SNACKS and DRINKS are recommended and a mixture of sugary and low GI are best.

  2. Jelly beans or lolly pops are good if you are feeling dizzy or faint.

  3. Soft drink to sip on can also help the body retain sugar if feeling a little low.

  4. Dry fruit and nuts are great with natural sugars and low GI.

  5. A healthy sandwich will give your body energy from carbs.

  6. Water is very important to be sipped on regularly through the duration of your session.

  7. A sports drink such as PowerAde or Gatorade can also be beneficial especially if you are being tattooed in a warm climate or environment.


Pain relief for being tattooed:

  1. You are more than welcome to take some pain relief orally before, during and after your tattoo session.

  2. If the product you choose to take can make you drowsy please ensure you have someone to drive for you.

  3. If you can take a codeine based pain relief we recommend Mersyndol as it also contains analgesic calmative properties which helps with involuntary muscle twitches while being tattooed.

  4. If you chose to take a pain medication you do so at your own risk and we suggest you consult your doctor or pharmacist before to ensure the product is right for you.

  5. Do not EVER take any more than prescribed by your doctor of pharmacist.


Do we recommend numbing creams?

No, we do not recommend numbing creams for a few reasons they are:

  1. They change the texture of your skin and make it tough to tattoo, tough skin means taking longer to tattoo you.

  2. Numbing creams will not totally numb the area for the duration of your tattoo meaning when it wears off you will feel it even more!

  3. Numbing creams also restrict your blood flow interfering with the bodies’ normal healing process.


Things to tell your artists:

  1. You must advise your artist if at any stage you are feeling faint or unwell.

  2. If you are pregnant – you cannot be tattooed if pregnant.

  3. If you are taking any blood thinning medications.

  4. If you are diabetic, epileptic or suffer from any other serious medical conditions.

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