Tattoo Conventions

Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery artists attend a number of tattoo conventions each year. Tattoo conventions are held throughout Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.


In order to attend a tattoo convention artists must meet certain criteria in relation to skill set to be selected to participate at the shows.


The shows involve live tattooing, opportunity to take part in tattoo competitions and seminars with world renowned artists such as Steve Butcher.

A tattoo convention hosts a selection of the worlds best tattoo artists all coming together to display the vast variety of tattoo styles and culture. 

As a studio attending tattoo conventions is a great form of networking. Many of our regular guest artists have been connections made at conventions.


Meeting artists from all over the world and opens many doors of opportunity for our artists to learn new skills and to meet people from different backgrounds. 

Keep up to date with conventions our artists are participating in via our Facebook page @skindeeptattoogalleryau

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